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Retirement and Marriage

Modern life often requires both people in a marriage to have employment outside of the home. Men are usually older than their spouses, and they tend to retire first. This leaves them home alone with little to do as their wives spend the day at work. The children have left, and these men find themselves at odds. They are unsure of how to live their lives completely alone for most of the day. Some of them, used to wives who are tired after a day of work, become male masturbators.

Learning how to fill empty days has always been a problem for men after they retire. As the primary breadwinners, they have been busy with their careers. Being home has been a time to rest and relax while surrounded by family. Once they retire, these men suddenly find there is no one around to interact with them. Iit takes time and effort for these lonely men to establish a new routine.

Pursuing a career through retirement takes a great deal of energy and effort. Men who have retired may develop an interest in hobbies they never had time for before. The internet can provide hours of exploration into new areas of life. Videos abound in cyberspace, and many newly retired people have found a world they never imagined existed. Virtual reality porn is part of that world.

Retired men often plan for their retirement well ahead of time, and they do have money to spend. Investing in a virtual reality headset is a trivial expense for those who want to experience VR porn. They have the time, the money and the access to indulge their fantasies. This may give them a completely new outlook on the world at large, and it might also help them fill the lonely hours until their spouse arrives home.