Open Relationships


Learning To Be Open

Theory is fine, but being unable to put it into practice is often frustrating. It might be difficult for one of the partners to find physical intimacy with others when the couple chooses to have an open relationship. The difficulty may lie in finding understanding partners, or it might be that the person is shy. Without enough experience, it can ruin the open relationship for that person. They might regret their decision because they feel the arrangement is not as equal as originally planned.

Learning to approach a person for potential intimacy is not a class that can be taken in school. Society openly frowns on this type of behavior, and many people deem it reckless and irresponsible. Finding someone to practice with is an issue that needs to be solved. The person's partner would not be a good choice, and it is not the type of help to ask of a friend. An independent escort may be the best answer for this person.

Escorts are professionals who understand people have many needs. They specialize in socializing with others, and they are not judgmental about unusual requests. Finding them is easy enough today because many can be easily located online. They usually work for an escort agency unless they are independents. A client can book them for a few hours, an afternoon or an evening. This gives the client time to practice their approach, and the escort will help them fine tune their technique.

While society frowns upon people sharing physical intimacy outside of a relationship, an escort will not because they are professionals specializing in helping people become comfortable in social situations. Practicing finding partners with them takes the pressure off a person learning to approach others, and it is a supportive way to learn and begin a new chapter in life.