Open Relationships


Finding Someone New

Couples with open relationships have agreed that being intimate with another person is about physical enjoyment and adventure. They are both convinced that each of them will always come back to each other when their time away is done, and they often find the excitement they share is more than enough to sustain their relationship. It can all be derailed when one person chooses to put more into their encounter than the other. Finding someone new is an unexpected outcome, and it can destroy the relationship.

Open marriages are frowned upon in most modern societies because monogamy is the normal pairing off for two people. Their lives are intertwined together when it comes to finances and domestic responsibilities. This also includes physical intimacy, and it is considered wrong to choose other partners, Part of the reason monogamy has become widely accepted is due to the fact people become jealous when their partner is intimate with others.

The breakdown of any long term relationship is generally painful, and it can affect many more people than the two involved. Family and friends are often witness to the pain, and even the children of a couple can be deeply affected. When one person chooses a physically intimate partner outside their relationship, the devastation can raise havoc with loved ones that will reverberate through the family for years to come.

The partners who find their lifestyle enhanced by swinging or having intimate adventures with others often do have solid relationships. They may not recognize the need to be only with each other when it comes to physical intimacy. If both of them agree on this, their relationship could last a lifetime without issues between them. For those who do find a physically intimate partner is someone that want to have an emotional relationship with, leaving their established partner can become an unexpected and difficult reality for both.