Open Relationships


Discussing an Adventure

The basis of an open relationship is that the partners are able to trust each other, so many of them find that discussing an adventure outside the marriage is important. They see it as a form of sharing, and they are not embarrassed to give their partner all the details of their intimate encounter. Some of them find it enhances the sexual intimacy between them, but others simply see it as a form of communication. Sharing this type of information is not for every couple, and it is generally reserved for those who have an agreement in place before an event occurs.

Physical intimacy in modern society is still something few people discuss, so talking about it with a partner can be difficult. Those who have been raised to believe it is extremely private might not be able to discuss what happens with their main partner, so they could be unwilling to share what happened on an adventure. It can take away from an open relationship if one person feels this way, so it is best if they begin by talking about their own intimacy first.

For those who have difficulty discussing intimacy, their partner might need to draw them out slowly. Talking about their own feelings and observations first could be the opening step to help their partner, but it could also close them down. They might fear rejection in the form of a criticism, or they might be embarrassed by how it is represented. Taking it slow will often be the best way to begin the conversation.

While few couples choose to experience intimacy with others outside their relationship, those that do report they feel more confident in their partner. Much of that feeling comes from their ability to honestly share their intimate moments with their partner or others in a normal conversation.