Open Relationships


Retirement and Marriage

Modern life often requires both people in a marriage to have employment outside of the home. Men are usually older than their spouses, and they...


Discussing an Adventure

The basis of an open relationship is that the partners are able to trust each other, so many of them find that discussing an adventure...


Closing a Relationship

When an open relationship ends, it usually is due to trust issues within the relationship. Both partners may be comfortable with finding other intimate friends,...


Leaving Jealousy Behind

A relationship is built on a foundation of trust, and violating it is a major issue for a couple. Being in an open relationship requires...


Learning To Be Open

Theory is fine, but being unable to put it into practice is often frustrating. It might be difficult for one of the partners to find...


Finding Other Partners

The purpose of open relationships is to give each partner the freedom to seek physical intimacy with other people while remaining in the relationship. This...


Hiding an Open Relationship

Society has decreed that people who are in a committed relationship should be only intimate with each other, and many couples who defy this rule...

There are few people who flourish in a relationship where each partner is encouraged to have separate intimate adventures. Two people that share this special designation trust their partner will return, and they are usually correct. The partners are able to separate physical intimacy from their lives. They are able to share without jealousy, and many of them review their adventures. This is rare in a society where people are taught to find one special person and have an exclusive relationship.

Society tends to frown on these types of relationships, and few couples admit they have them. It takes effort, but many find other people who share the same viewpoint. Some partners restrict their adventures to people they know, and this is known as swinging. There are people who prefer to experience new people outside of their circle. They believe this keeps their relationship exciting as well as healthy for both of them.